I know I just did a summary for the tail end of March, but some things have changed.  The summer sweater for Knitcircus is on its way to Jaala. The ill-fated-so-far cardi is now on hold.  It’s now a miss on the yarn/project match up.  I think the design is still good, and it will at some point be published, but expect it with different yarn.

Biggest design news:  I’m working on preliminary sketches, narrowing the color palette, reviewing  potential yarn choices, researching motifs etc for the California Revival collection.  This is really nifty — it’s the first time I’ve purposefully decided to build a collection of different items (as opposed to Mittens!, which was just…mittens) around a common theme.  The main inspiration is going to be tilework — specifically Malibu Potteries and Catalina tiles — but I’m also looking at wrought iron and other metalwork.  There will be patterns for a sweater, at least one or two mittens, a hat, and perhaps a pillow…Other items I’m considering are a stranded cowl & a lace throw/wrap.  The patterns will be available both individually, as a pdf eBook, and as a hardcopy booklet.

Congrats to Allison of Alaskan Purl and Rachel Henry — I saw your IDP patterns featured in the newest Knit Picks catalog!  Allison’s pattern is her Forget Me Not hat — it’s super cute.  Rachel’s pattern is her Daisy Ruth mittens, with a lovely traveling stitch pattern. I’m thrilled to say I edited both of these — and am very happy to recommend either or both, if you’re looking for some cute accessory patterns.

I seen some people comment that Southern California has two seasons: Green (during & after the rainy winter season) and Brown (late spring through summer and into early fall). I will also suggest we can add Purple Blue and Orange.