This is one of those ideas that has rapidly expanded in range and number of projects — so much so I may do parts 1 & 2.  This collection, I must add, was supposed to be the smaller of the two I want to  to do this year.

What do you have to look forward to?  Lot of accessories — mitts with both full & fingerless options, socks, hats, a cowl, a shawl — as well as a sweater.  If I count all the different patterns I want to do, it’s in the 10-12+ range.

Yarns you’ll see include Bijou Basin Lhasa Wilderness, Blue Sky Alpacas Melange, Stricken Smitten Shimmer Glimmer, Impulse of Delight BFL, and more.

I’ve finished up the prototype of the Quatrefoil fingerless mitts.  Remember the Mac Mitts? Here’s that yarn in its new incarnation.

It’s an easy repeat in that the longest float is 7 sts, which at a gauge of 8 sts per inch, isn’t that bad.  That’s on purpose;  I wanted these mitts to be stranding-beginner friendly.  My stranding tension is getting much better, but I’m the first to admit than shorter floats equal a better outcome.  (For what it’s worth, I generally don’t tack my floats down.)

I should have the fingerless version up for testing this week.  If you’ve tested for me in the past and would like to try these, let me know.

The full mitts version is going to be in the afore-mentioned Impulse of Delight BFL — I can’t wait to get that yarn and cast on!  The colorways are totally different from the blues in the fingerless version.