As noted in a previous post, I recently purchased an iPad.

With purchasing an iPad comes exploring apps — especially knitted related apps!

Yarn U, described as an “On-to-Go Guide to Yarn” on their site, is a database program including the major yarn companies and many of their popular yarns.

You can sort by yarn weight or brand.  Within either category you can sort by name or fiber content. You can also click ‘everything’ and all the yarns are listed by name.

Each blurb includes a bit of info about the particular yarn, a list of basic attributes (brand, yarn weight & skein weight, gauge, fiber content & yardage), comments from other Yarn U users (you can comment as well), a web link (sometimes to the manufacturer’s site, other times to a lys), and hyperlinks to the brand, weight, and things like hand &/or machine wash.  Most yarn entries include a list of pros & cons.  Pattern links are available in some listings as well.

Not all the entries are favorable;  one of the Noro yarns included only cautionary statements.

Does it have all yarns?  No, but it does have a very good selection of the major brands, and my understanding is the database is being added to regularly.

If you’re at a LYS, and need a quick reference, it’s a lot faster (IMHO) and simpler to go through this app rather than, say, trying to access the information on Ravelry, or bounce around different yarn company websites.  The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Disclaimer:  I received a review copy of Yarn U. All opinions are my own.