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Sock Summit 2011: Packing List

I nearly always make a packing list, even for weekend trips.  The times I’ve not used one are the times I’ve forgotten something.  So here goes:

ClothesToiletriesElectronics & MiscKnittingFor Class
On plane: Denim jacket, blue/tan dress, necklace & bracelet, teva flip flops
Bath gel/shampoo, scrubby, razor + blade, toothpaste, toothbrush, deoderant

Cash, credit cards, checks (2)Swatching for book (Shibui, Sanguine Gryphon)sock needles (dpns, KP set)
circs size US0 -US1.5
Brown dress
Paisley dress
Jeans x2
White shirt
Beige bra
Underwear x5
White cami
Face cleaner, alpha hydroxy lotion, moisturizer/sunscreenPlane tickets, confirmation numbers for hotel & Sock Summitsweater wip & extra yarn, beads, crochet hook for beading, brass safety pins, extra US3 circ, tote for WIPsock yarn leftovers
workout socks
Running shoes
Bathing suit & goggles (seriously, the hotel has a pool!), heart rate monitor & strap
foundation, mascara, lip balm, powder, brush, tweezersPhone, phone charger
laptop, computer charger & bag
iPad, charger
Samples for book
Aran Lace stitch pattern book
Bavarian Twisted stitch pattern books
brown & turquoise sandals Sunglasses
Prescription glasses
Contact lens case, solution, extra lenses
Business cards, TNNA badge holder?, Ravelry button, lightweight bag for purchasesNotions: tape measure, tapestry needle, extra stitchmarkers, cutting toolnotepad, pen, sharpie

You are correct — there are no handknitted socks on that list.  The only shoes to wear with socks that I’m bringing are my running shoes.

I’m pretty sure all that could fit in a carry on and my messenger bag, but I’m going to go ahead & check a bag.  I’ll be flying on Jet Blue for the first time, and they allow one free checked bag, and I figure I’m going to be coming back with more than I’m bringing.

I’m going to start packing today, just to see how everything fits.  All knitting, of course, goes in the carry on, as do all my electronics, meds, and one change of clothes.