Sock Summit — my first, but not to be my last — is a blur.

That said, I’m going to try to recreate the timeline….


Up way too early to head to Long Beach airport.  Realized, about 15 minutes from home and more than halfway to the airport, I left my jacket at home.  (Yes, the jacket I was supposed to be wearing.)

First time flying Jet Blue. It was pleasant & am happy to be flying with them in the future.  Tasty snacks.  I had animal crackers, tomato juice & coffee.

Landed at PDX.  Called for the hotel shuttle.  I met Felicia of Sweet Georgia — she was taking the shuttle too.

Checked into the hotel (Crowne Plaza) early with no issues.  Comfortable room, would stay there again.  They have a gym (tiny but serviceable) and a nice hot tub & swimming pool (not really a lap pool, but nice for splashing around).  They also have bikes to borrow but I wasn’t able to take advantage of that.  The bar is comfortable and well-lit (critical of course for those of us wanting to knit there!).

Quickly unpacked, then met with Felicia to walk over to the Convention Center.

Anzula for better or worst, Anzula cricket, Dragonfly silk, Dragonfly Naiad, Anzula linen blend lace

Found Jaala.  This was my first time meeting Jaala in person — it’s so fantastic to meet online friends in real life!  We set up Michelle’s (Fickleknitter) booth, then grabbed lunch at the convention center buffet.  We met with Shannon of Cooperative Press and a few other people before the market opened. (And had my first taste of Voodoo donuts!  Shannon had a box.)

The opening of the market place resulted in a stampede of knitters.  Wowsa.  It was pretty impressive.  I began wandering the aisles, mostly just looking & getting a feel for where everyone was.  The Sanguine Gryphon booth was a madhouse, but I was able to say hi to Sarah & Gryphon (add them to the long list of people I’d not met in person but was finally able to at Sock Summit!).

I met Liz of Silver Illusion Knits and we grabbed dinner at Burgerville.  (I had a small hamburger and 3, just 3, onion rings…and the calorie count (provided on the receipt)…ugh.)  After that I headed back to the hotel to relax and meet up with my roommate, GarySue.


Friday I woke up early (gads, I woke up early each morning, who am I kidding?!) and headed to the Red Lion to meet up with the walkers.  There was only one lady (whose name I am drawing a complete blank on, UGH) but we headed out at a nice brisk pace.  We went to Twisted (closed, obviously, at 7:30 a.m.) and got biallys at the bagel place next door (I also got a small Stumptown coffee).

After that I headed back to the marketplace.

Indigo Dragonfly Merino/Silk

I don’t even remember who I met on what day.  But I met some wonderful people (many who had, um, actually heard of me & my designs (that is JUST TOO COOL)), including, in no particular order, Kim of Indigo Dragonfly, Didi of Little Red Bicycle, Desiree of Stricken Smitten, Maia of Tactile Fiber Arts, Kate of Dragonfly Fibers, Brooke of Sincere Sheep (Brooke thought I was joking, I’m sure, about having her take me to her family’s winery but I’m not), Kimber of Fiber Optic (that was Saturday, I remember that because that was the day I met Sarah of RopeKnits), Sabrina of Anzula….

I also touched base with Stevanie and Deb of Pico Accuardi, and got to meet Larissa Brown (check out her & Stevanie’s Kickstarter campaign, it looks totally cool, and there’s only a few days to go).

And I kept running into the indomitable Anne of Crafty Diversions — I wish I was as outgoing as she is!  We were able to chat about all sorts of designer-y things.

Various things! Buttons, buttons, buttons, Daisy Muir bag, a sheepy Knitters Rule from KaratStix

I bought a few things, too:  a button (will knit for tattoos), a measuring thingy, a small pouch…Daisy Muir had See’s candy at their booth, YUM.

Friday lunch was with Jaala and Sunny Day Knitter Jen.  Jen took us to this little cafe with absolutely delicious food.  Would definitely go back.  (It was J&M Cafe & I had the Crispy Chicken Sandwich.)

Friday night — Sock Hop!  I danced to a ton of songs (most of which I didn’t really like even in the 80s, but who cares) with Jaala and a few other folks.  I didn’t even have alcohol fueling my exuberance (I just had one cocktail at the beginning of the sock hop).  You can see me in Anne’s youtube video below — I’m the shorter of the two people in white tank tops and jeans. Not sure how I ended up in front when I didn’t have all the choreography down!


Saturday morning was my time to go visit Powell’s and a few LYSs.  Powell’s was incredible.  I wish it was here.  Knit/Purl is lovely, a little jewel box of a store.  Urban Fiber is fun and funky.  I also visited the Fluevog store and unfortunately came away empty handed.

Heavenly soft Louie yarn from Pico Accuardi

Saturday lunch I met up with Sarah.  We had lunch at Burgerville.  I got a grilled chicken sandwich with bbq sauce and was much happier with the calorie count (though, um, the burger & onion rings were tastier….).

Flash mob!  I danced in it.  It was fun, but I don’t know if there were many (or any) non knitting viewers.

After the flash mob I had dinner with Jaala & her mom, then relaxed in the hot tub & pool before heading to the hotel bar.  I spent my free drink coupon on a very tasty margarita and chatted with a wonderful knitter (whose name I’m also drawing a blank on — I am so, so bad with names).

Sincere Sheep Cormo, Anzula Oasis (I have 3 more of these!), Tactile Fiber Arts alpaca silk lace, Indigo Dragonly merino sock, Sincere Sheep Rambouillet, Sincere Sheep BFL


Sunday I visited the hotel gym and did a little bit on the Precor machine, some light weight lifting, some crunches, and some stretching.

I missed the sheep to sock event — it was so quiet in the marketplace it was the perfect time to chat up vendors I’d not yet met and to finalize some yarn support.

Sunday afternoon was my one & only class.

My roomie & I went to Milo’s City Cafe for dinner — very tasty roast chicken!  Will definitely go back there too.


Up early to fly home — and then get some rest!!!