Quick post, lots happening:

Vogue Knitting Live was this weekend.   And, more importantly to me, my photoshoot was this weekend.

I had fun meeting up with various people. Last week, pre-Vogue, I met up with Felicia Lo (founder of Sweet Georgia & dyer extraordinaire) for lunch.  We went to my favorite local restaurant, Creme de la Crepe.  I’m embarrassed to say the waiter recognized me from having eaten there before (i.e. ‘How often do you eat here?’).   Hm.  The food is great, it’s near enough to the beach if you have time to walk afterwards, it’s close to my house, what’s not to love?

I picked up Shannon Okey from the airport Thursday night, and kept her up to 12:30 chatting about just about everything, then dropped her off at the Hyatt Friday morning.  Saturday  afternoon I ran into Shannon again, Anne Kuo Lukito, and some awesomely funny members of Anne’s posse. I ate an $18 dollar grilled cheese in the bar.  I had fun running into a bunch of people in the market place.  I’m also proud to say I didn’t get all fan-girly when I met Wendy Bernard (Knit & Tonic).

Saturday morning I took a wonderful class (Lace Edgings) taught by Franklin Habit.  He’s a great teacher — well organized, funny, educational handouts, appropriate amount of material, and a firm but friendly hand with classroom management.  (I didn’t get all fan-girly with him, either;  but don’t forget I did already use a Precor machine right after him at Madrona.)

Kathy picked me up at the hotel & we went to my house to do photoshoot planning.  Check out her photography at her site here:  it’s just gorgeous.

Sunday morning Kathy shot a ton of pics, then Shannon & Kristi Porter (who is gorgeous, funny and so generous to model for the book!) showed up, and we headed to the Malaga Cove library for the afternoon photoshoot.  Shannon stayed the night, we all got our Breaking Bad fixes, and we got a bit more sleep.

After dropping Shannon off at LAX Monday morning, Kath & I headed to the California Potteries factory.  Rad (Conrad) gave an awesome tour, Kath got even more incredible pics of the whole tile making process, and I got bowled over by just how much work these tiles are.  Check California Potteries out here.

That afternoon we blew dry the cardigan to get it dry (did you know you can do that?  now you do!) then dashed over to Veteran’s Park in Redondo to shoot the cardi.  Kath did her magic again.

I can’t wait til I can show you guys pics!