California Revival Knits:  No change in the projected timelines.  The goal is still to get the book to the printer around Christmas, with the PDF available then, and with print copies to follow in a couple weeks.  Thank you so much to everyone who’s preordered it!  (If you haven’t yet, don’t forget there’s a discount code here;  or, if there are other Cooperative Press books on your wish list (and trust me, they’re all awesome!), Shannon’s running a Christmas special through the Cooperative Press newsletter (sign up here).)

Did you see the previous interviews with yarnies Marilyn King of Black Water Abbey and Jeane de Coster of Elemental Affects?  I’ll be posting another interview this week.

Don’t forget also to check out Wendy’s progress on her Wrought Cardi on her podcast, Knit 1, ❤ Too.  She’s joined the fronts & backs and it looks gorgeous.

MFPP:  One of the patterns is still on the cusp of being ready for test knitting.  I should get it done this week, but….

WWW (the acronym for the next super sekrit book):  …I’m hoping to get the body of the cardigan DIP done this week (and ideally started on the sleeves). This cardi is a pattern I’ve been working on off & on for a while.  It’s in Black Water Abbey yarn, and I’ve posted about it in the past on this blog.  It’s found a wonderful home in this new book, both style & colorwise.  Bonus points (or?)  to anyone who guesses which it is & comments on this post!

I also want to do some charting and swatching for another of the patterns, a hat (to be done in wonderful Sunday Knits yarn).

I’ve also been brainstorming for some of the other patterns, making sketches, and so on.

Other stuff: Dave and I purchased a sewing machine.  He actually sews;  he’s made a ‘metal jacket’ where he’s appliqued all sorts of patches onto his jean jacket.    He’s also applied all sorts of metal studs (not shown on that picture).   He wants to make more, and perhaps sell them at metal shows, or make them to order.  Welcome, hon, to the world of crafting!

He also wants to get a black canvas apron and make a ‘metal apron’ for when he’s doing his ‘black metal cooking’.  He does cook;  he grills, and he makes a wonderful beef filet, roasted, sliced thin, and served on crostini with whipped horseradish cream.

After doing a quick web search, I’m thinking he’ll need to sew up an apron in some very heavy duty fabric, then applique his patches.

Last year Rosemary and I went to the Purl SoHo warehouse in Tustin.  I bought some SHELTER and buttons;  I can’t remember if Rosemary purchased anything.  We did browse the fabrics, and of course, I immediately gravitated towards the Liberty of London.  Upon seeing the price per yard, apparently I made some sort of comment along the lines of “Good thing I don’t sew!”

Upon browsing their blog the Purl Bee, I immediately gravitated toward this miniquilt, the Circular Applique.  Guess what fabric….yep, Liberty of London.  At least I’m consistent.

We’re planning on visiting the warehouse this week.