I was going to call this Knitting & Designing goals, but really, most are actual plans.

Knitting & Designing goals Plans

Book Deux

I want it to be ready for TNNA Spring 2013.  I’ve been working on a timeline for the various patterns.  Spring 2013 sounds a long time away, but when you’re talking around 18 patterns, it’s not.

I’ve completed the first pattern, a lacy beaded cowl, in some gorgeous Merino Silk 4-Ply Sock from Indigo Dragonfly.

The cardi is nearly finished — I just need to do the button band & shawl collar.  I’ve completed the first pattern, a lacy beaded cowl.  I’ve been swatching and sketching for other patterns.  I have yarn support for nearly all the other patterns.


As noted before, I’m working on a small collection of three patterns for the Malabrigo Freelance Patterns Project (MFPP).  Malabrigo partners with indie designers to produce monthly ebooks; I’m Sept 2012.  The first pattern, a squishy cabled cowl, is already being tested by some of my lovely test knitters.

I’m swatching for the cardi, and have charts for the fingerless mitts.  I just have to decide when I want to actually work these up  — i.e. put them in the schedule.  I have to backwards plan to give enough time for tech editing, layout, testing & photography;  I figure if the patterns go to tech editing by mid July I should be good.

Designing Goals

Hitch Collection

This one falls under ‘goals’ in my mind, simply because it’s lowest on the list of priorities.

I have plans for one other small collection, inspired by a few Hitchcock movies.  I’m planning 3 or 4 accessory patterns that I may release both individually and as an ebook, timeline next 4-8 months.  I actually have yarn I can use for this, too.