Finally a post with a picture of something I did!

I’m taking the free BOM (block of the month) class at Craftsy.  I really, really don’t like the first block, the asterisk block, but I do like the second (which uses the same technique, sew & slash), the wonky pound sign.

Here’s my block!  I’m going to the do the quilt in black, white/ivory & greys.  I saw some lovely monochromatic quilts at our local quilt shop, Nina’s.  I purchased 2 fat quarters;  I figure as I build this, I’ll choose fabrics based on the blocks as well as what grabs me at the moment.

The original block wasn’t supposed to have a border.  I had to add one because of, shall we say, my learning curve with my machine, the presser foot  (learning precisely what marking was 1/4″ vs 3/8″), pressing seams to the darker fabric precisely so the thin strips don’t puff up (basically I need to pull the fabric flat to I can  press right against the line of stitches), and my tendency (which I’m working on) to have the fabric just a wee bit on the outside of the line, as opposed to right on the line.

Nonetheless, I’m quite pleased with it.  In fact, since I’m working on a project for my mom, I might even do a second one in her fabrics.