Last week I posted my first call for submissions, for Hitch: Patterns Inspired by the Movies of Alfred Hitchcock,  on Ravelry (here, if you’re curious!) — for a collection to be published by Cooperative Press, curated by me.

It’s an idea that’s been percolating a while, from about the same time as CRK.  I got entranced with the idea for the 2nd collection that I’m working on right now, though, and realized that if Hitch was going to be published any time soon (i.e. within the next year)  it would only be as a collaboration.  I consulted with some designer friends who’ve done, or are working on, similar books, and realized it is something I could do concurrently with the 2nd collection that’s, um, all me.

For Hitch, I’ve chosen to work with a more limited palette — blood red, cream, greys, and black.  I like the idea of building cohesiveness through color, but usually, as with CRK and the next book, I include a bit more of a range.  However, this just feels right to me — I want something classic, with both stark contrasts and literally shades of grey.  This will let your designs really take center stage.

What kind of designs am I looking for?  Classic, timeless pieces, garments and accessories, inspired by the fashions of the 1940s through early 1960s. That’s a pretty broad range, I’ll admit.   Take a look at the sketches by Edith Head for various Hitchcock films;  you can see some on my Pinterest board here.  Anything from ultrafeminine to masculine:  maybe even Grace Kelly as Lisa borrowing a sweater out of  Jeff’s closet in Rear Window.

Techniques?  Anything from cables, lace, beading, stranding….Remember Bohus sweaters were from this time period, so don’t shy away from intermediate and advanced techniques.  Think fine details.  Couture, even, if you fancy yourself an artiste.

You can see some of Hitchcock’s movies on Netflix On Demand;  others are generally not too hard to find at a good library.  I’ll admit I’m lucky in that I have several good options for libraries very close to me:  Los Angeles Public Library, with a branch in Westchester, on Dave’s way to & from school; and the Palos Verdes Public Library, which, I think, must have a very healthy budget.  The grounds of the closest PVLD branch, Malaga Cove, also served as the setting for some of the photos in CRK.  I’ve also gotten books (and movies) from the Redondo Beach Public  Library.

I was surprised when I started rewatching some of the movies.  I’d always like To Catch a Thief, for example;  but this time through I found myself more engaged with films like Notorious and Rear Window.  Darker & more suspenseful movies.

If you’d like to submit a design (or more!) check out the details here on Ravelry and here.