Wednesday I leave for the Chicago area.  I’m teaching two classes (Intro to Twisted Stitches & Beading Stranded Motifs) at the Spring Knitcircus Retreat (I think there are still spots available!) in Madison on Saturday.

The original plan was to visit my in-laws in Geneva before & after, and to borrow their car to drive up to Madison, but my FIL is having some medical issues (all fixable!) and they’re still in California while that’s all taken care of.  I’ll still be staying at their house, and am renting a car.

So I’ll have a couple days of quiet time, touring Geneva & St Charles (and visiting various LYSs).

What do you like to do when you’re in traveling by yourself?

There’s an incredibly decadent chocolate store in downtown Geneva I’d like to revisit.  I’m sure I’ll find someplace to hang out & knit, whether it’s a coffee house or LYS.  If the weather’s nice I’ll walk by the Fox River.

I’ll be driving to Madison on Friday.  I’m planning on visiting the Sow’s Ear, hanging out with Jaala & Amy, teaching Saturday, then driving back to Geneva on Sunday. Monday I fly back to California.

Unfortunately (for me, and of course it’s all about me, right?  lol)  the Yarn Crawl LA was scheduled the same weekend.  However, I am a Merino sponsor, and some of my patterns have found their way into some of the prize baskets.  One thing I’ve noticed is there are a ton of LYSs in the greater Los Angeles area I’d not even heard of, let alone visited; so if nothing else, I’ve a list of new places to check out on my own!

CRK update:  I’ve done the first of the pre-printer proofings and sent it back to Shannon.  Soon, people, soon!  I can’t wait til I see that thing in print.

Hitch update:  I’ve received some terrific submissions so far!  I’m accepting submissions through April 15th, so there’s still plenty of time to submit a design (or two!).  Check out the info here.  (Also, check out my post on tips for submissions here.)  I’d love to see some more sock & hat patterns, but am open to anything.