Lots of small things to update you all on!


I’ve heard that the books should be shipping from the printer to Shannon this week….

Updates to the CRK blog tour:

Knit Girrls video podcast  on Memorial Day
6/8  Glenna at Knitting to Stay Sane
6/7 Jaala at Knitcircus
7/11 Knitculture (note:  later that month I’ll be teaching a class & doing a book signing at KnitCulture.

The Wrought Mitts KAL has started! The main prize will be a yarn pack of luscious blueberry-colored Alpaca Silk from Blue Sky Alpacas — enough to do your own Peacock Stole.

Tunie is finishing up her Peacock mitts — you can see hers here.  She has entered some of the notes from our emails into her project notes — very handy!

I’ll be heading off to TNNA in Columbus later this month.  I’m excited to go — this is my first summer TNNA, and I’ve heard the summer conferences are much bigger, better attended, and so on than the winter conferences.  I’m excited to see all my CP pals.  I’m excited to see all my yarnie friends I get to see only a few times per year.  Yay!  Me being me, I’ve already started working on my packing list.

Later this summer, I’ll be going to Stitches Midwest.  That’s an easy one for me to go to, because we combine it with visiting Dave’s parents, who live in Geneva IL, not far from Schaumberg.

Besides Stitches Midwest, I’ll also be busy working with Shannon on the photoshoot for Hitch.

Regarding tech editing:  I’m not taking any new clients at this point, though of course that will change in the future.

Designing:  I’ll be releasing a fingerless mitt version of Ravens in Snow soon.  Gauge is different, the cuff is different, and the thumb is different, than the full mitts.  I’m excited about these — they’re done in Knit Picks Palette, and are super pretty. They’re at the tech editor now (yes, even though I tech edit, I thoroughly believe in having someone else check my patterns!).  Cambria knit the samples for me — she did a lovely job.

Here’s a preview:

We did the photoshoot this past weekend.  I’m hoping the pine tree helps it not look like late spring/early summer, lol.

Also note, Ravens in Snow is now available as a Ravelry download, with a few updates to the pattern (primarily that the mitts are now mirrored).

Other designing:  not much change.  Still plugging away at designs for various people, as well as for the next book.  I’m getting caught up, of sorts, to where I want to be.  I’ve realized I’m not a big fan of grafting lace.  I love the symmetry & simplicity of rectangular stoles, but I’ve about had it with grafting them.

Upcoming:  Depending on your viewpoint…if you only knit….I’m heading a bit towards the dark side with one of my new patterns.  Yes, it will incorporate crochet!  and of course, that means crochet charts.  I’ll be reviewing Crochet Charts from StitchWorks Software in the next week or so.  Let me know if you have anything you’d like me to pay particular attention to in my review.