Wow, I was reviewing general updates and found the last one was, um, the beginning of June.  And here I was worrying I was doing these too often.

So…I’ve been catching up on all the non-book related designing and stuff.  I’ve sent off the patterns for the MFPP eBook to the tech editors (yay!).

A couple patterns got released over the past month — the Ravens in Snow fingerless mitts (now available together with the full mitts) & the Byzantine Cowl.

Ooh!  and Fresh Designs Men came out. My Abalone Cove hat pattern is in there.

Hitch:  I’ve finished one of my own patterns for Hitch & am hard at work on a second.  (After that, I’m going to be focused, design-wise, on book two, at least for the next month or so!)

The patterns coming in from the other designers are simply amazing.

The photoshoot is August 8th in the Chicago area, right before Stitches Midwest.  (I’m hoping to work with a local vintage clothing store for clothes for the photoshoot — I’ll keep you guys posted on that too.)

Note…Shannon was heard to say that, if someone asks at the Cooperative Press booth at Stitches, and we have proofs on our iPads, well, people just might get a sneak look at some of the photoshoot pics.  Not to be a tease or anything.

KALs:  The Wrought Mitts KAL ends in a week!  If you’re a speedy knitter, there’s still time….

The next KAL, by vote, will be the Wrought Socks.  You guys love your twisted stitches, eh?  Me too!

I’m tempted to start a KAL for the Peacock Stole a month into it, and have KALs run for two months each but overlap.  Thoughts?

Travels & Conferences & Signings, oh my!

There’s still room in my beaded knitting class at Knitculture this Saturday.  I’ll also be signing copies of California Revival Knits.

Chicago Yarn Crawl: I’m happy to say I’m joining in the fun!  I’ll be visiting two stores as part of the Yarn Crawl.

I’ll be doing book signings at Loopy Yarns in Chicago 2-4p on Sunday, Aug 5th and 5-7p on Monday, Aug 6th.   I’ve never been to Loopy Yarns so am excited about this!

On Tuesday, I’ll be at Wool & Company in St Charles from 3:30-6:30p!  So excited about this, too — Wool & Co was one of the first yarn stores I visited when I really started knitting again.

Stitches Midwest

As noted, Cooperative Press has a booth, so I’ll be doing signings, hanging out etc there.  I don’t know if we’ll have a set time for signings yet, but you know what?  You want me to sign your book, I’m beyond thrilled to do so.  Regardless of official times or not.

Tech Editing:  Sorry, guys, totally wrapped up in Hitch.  I’ll post here & update my tech editing page when I’m taking new clients again.