“Organizing your knitting” encompasses so much, when you really start thinking about it.

I divide it this way:

1.  Yarn Stash

a. Personal yarn (note: some of this yarn also counts towards Designing, such as my Shetland yarns I purchased prior to designing).  Divided further into sweater quantities, sock yarn, fingering weight yarn, shetland yarn, lace, miscellaneous and so on.

b. Designing yarn.  Divided by project (i.e. all the yarn for the next book is together).  If not for any specific project, divided by company.

2.  Knitting books.  I try to group these by type (Aran/cables, Fair Isle/Stranding, stitch dictionaries, techniques, etc) but they’re also divided, for practicality, by size (i.e. what fits into what bookcase).

3.  Knitting tools.  This includes needles, crochet hooks, tape measures, stitchmarkers, blocking equipment, and all the various things that are handy to have.  I have a Namaste Cali Buddy Case in green that I keep my primary go-to things in — coil-less safety pins, stitchmarkers, scissors, needle gauge.  I also have a Daisy Muir medium needle case (the red one) that I keep other (often longer) things in:  a small ruler (that I picked up at TNNA from Images Stitchery Design — I don’t see it on their site, but it’s a pretty 6″ wooden ruler & needle gauge combo), pens, bandaids, etc.

4.  Individual patterns.  The obvious division is PDF vs hard copy.  (Update: Meh.  This doesn’t really deserve it’s own post.  PDFs get saved under categories, stored in Dropbox & on our desktop’s external hard drive (especially those not available as Rav downloads), hard copies are kept in binders.)

5.  Miscellaneous business-y things.

I’ll address each section in its own post.

How would you divide & conquer?


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