It’s time for knitting tools!  Needles, crochet hooks, stitch markers, etc etc etc.

This was something I’ve been struggling with, and I think I’ve found a solution that works for me for most of these items.

The small items listed below are kept in the upper left 3 drawers of the new yarn cabinet.  Haven’t seen it yet?  Here you go:

Knitting needles & crochet hooks are stored in Offhand Designs needle clutches, kept in the top 2 drawers.

I have 3 Circular clutches (organized by needle size), one Traveluxe clutch for DPNs and crochet hooks, and a Switch clutch for my interchangeables.  For the small needles (US000 to US3) I’ve written the needle size in Sharpie on the individual plastic pockets.  Multiple needles go into each pocket, with the exception of my Signatures — each Sig gets its own pocket.

I do have 2 sets of Knit Picks small DPNs that I just keep in their cases.

Is my Ravelry needle inventory up to date?  Nope.  Something else I should do.

I have a Namaste Cali Buddy Case in green that I keep my primary go-to things in — coil-less safety pins, stitchmarkers, scissors, needle gauge.  I also have a Daisy Muir medium needle case (the red one) that I keep other (often longer) things in:  a small ruler (that I picked up at TNNA from Images Stitchery Design — I don’t see it on their site, but it’s a pretty 6″ wooden ruler & needle gauge combo), pens, bandaids, etc.

I have a Namaste Mini that I don’t use that often right now.  That may need to find a new home.

Extra stitch holders, tape measures, small rulers, etc are all kept in the cabinet.

My blocking board is stored under our daybed.

Straight pins are kept in a pin cushion in the lawyer’s bookcase.  These are also used for sewing.  The gram/oz scale is also in this bookcase.

The ball winder has a semi-permanent home in the living room, attached to the edge of the table that our entertainment things (receiver, etc) go on.  If I take it off, it goes in the basket with the dog’s toys.  He doesn’t show any interest in it. The swift is usually on the other side of the table, next to the leather armchair, on the floor.

I think that’s about it for those sorts of things!  Having nearly everything in the yarn cabinet, except for what I’m using at the time,  works for me.


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