Online Knitting ClassI’ve been a big fan of Craftsy classes from the start.

I love that you can access them anytime via wifi, and revisit lessons as necessary.

I love that they have a selection of free classes, so you can try out the platform.

I love that the selection of those free classes is awesome.  For example, you must check out Deb Robson’s Know Your Wool Class, if you have any interest at all in the glorious variety of sheep breeds!

The paid classes, ranging from $29.99-49.00, with most of the knitting classes $39.99, are less expensive than taking classes in-person.  And they go on sale often — like now, with all classes $19.99 through Nov 26.

Yes, it’s a different experience — nothing beats the comradery of taking classes surrounded by your peeps — but, considering many of the Craftsy classes run 7-9 hrs of video, you do get to go more indepth than you often can in standard classes, and can work on bigger projects, since your knitting (or sewing) time is done outside of the videos.  You can ask and answer questions on the class boards, both of your instructor and of your fellow students.  You can also share your projects.

I’ll be doing a series of reviews of the various classes in which I’m enrolled.  They include knitting, sewing, cooking, jewelry making…did I say I was a bit addicted?

I’m wondering if Craftsy will become the of the crafting world…