I’ve signed up for & watched a couple of the cooking freebies — specifically Dipped, Dusted & Rolled:  Handmade Chocolates and Modern Buttercream.

Be warned — the content of the Chocolates class is good, but the teacher notes she went to a football game the day prior, screamed too much, and lost her voice.  Her voice is quite distractingly unpleasant.  But, again, the content is good.  Do read through the comments & questions for each lesson — there is a little bit of confusion re: flavoring the ganache (correct) vs flavoring the dipping chocolate (not done, leave it plain).

I’d like to try making these chocolates — as she points out, you get to eat your mistakes.  And even if your first chocolates aren’t as pretty as hers, they should still taste delicious!

The Buttercream class was nicely presented.  As for the Chocolates class, the content is quite good, and I think if you followed his steps carefully your cake would turn out gorgeous.  For me, though, this just seems a bit too tricky and finicky to tackle at this point.  I’m more of a brownies or flourless chocolate cake sort of cake baker.  And yes, it’s my own darn fault in the past for not letting cakes cool before frosting them.  But if you have the patience and equipment, the cake, with all its tiers and layers, is quite lovely!