Cast On, Bind Off by Cap Sease, Martingale, 2012, 160pp.

Last year technique junkies like me were blessed with, count ’em, two books on cast ons and bind offs.

This one, by Cap Sease, is a spiral bound, large, hardcover book.  It contains 211 cast ons or bind offs (as compared to the other book’s 54).

Though you’re unlikely to want to toss this into your knitting bag, it’s the perfect size for when you’re at home, gathering up your yarn, supplies, etc for your next project, and you want to research what cast on and bind off would be best for your project.

At the very beginning of the book are several quick-reference tables:  Cast Ons (with headers “Purpose” and “Methods”), Bind Offs (ditto), and Cast On and Bind Off Pairs.

After that you dive into the Cast On section, divided into separate subcategories.  Each cast on or variation of the cast on includes a summary, other names by which the cast on is known if applicable, pertinent features, a photo, and illustrated step by step instructions.  The Bind Off section is arranged similarly.

One small critique:  It’d be nice if each cast on or bind off had its own page(s). Most do, just not all.  I totally understand, however, that the page count would be an issue.

All the cast ons & bind offs are indexed, both by name, use (i.e. Socks, casting ons for toe up includes a list of the recommended cast ons & pages), which is extremely useful.

Highly recommended for your reference library!

I purchased my original copy and received, later, a review PDF from the publisher.