stitch defnStitch Definition, Annie Maloney, 2013.

Stitch Definition is Annie’s latest stitch dictionary, with 111 new stitch patterns, and four of Annie’s own designs incorporating them.

The format is the same as Aran Lace:  a solid introduction covering the ins and outs of the stitches, yarn choices (including as section on handspun yarn), general design, shawl design, combining stitch patterns, etc.  The second chapter goes into detail on abbreviations, how to work yarnovers depending on the situation, etc.

It’s a simple, spiral-bound book, printed on a solid weight of paper (no bleed through of the images), with a protective plastic overlay for the front (cardstock) cover.  Photos are black and white.

glamorganStitches 1-59 are lace patterns, to include all over patterns, columns, and edgings.  60-81 are Lace Cables (like those in Aran Lace, though some appear more on the lacy side than is included in that book). 82-111 are cable patterns.

The remainder of the book includes the four patterns:  Merioneth, a lacy scarf; Glamorgan (shown left, photo © Annie Maloney) a cable & lace cable stole; Lanberis Pass, a cabled wall hanging (VERY pretty); and Capel Curig, an intricately cabled throw.

Highly recommended!  As a designer, I’m constantly looking for new stitch patterns that are different than what most folks are using, and I love the thought and dedication that Annie puts into developing her stitches.

I received my copy from the author.