Hoo boy this has been quite the busy month! Hitch was set free into the world. Our bathroom went from this (beginning in August)before layout to this (a week or so ago)final minus towel bar over the course of nearly two months (and yes, that’s bathroom, singular). (There’s actually a towel bar now above the toilet for hand towels.)

And now we’re having (much needed) repairs to the plaster walls & ceilings in our bedroom, hallway, living room, dining room & dining nook.  (The only rooms not being repaired are the bathroom (already done), 2nd bedroom, and kitchen/laundry area.)

The painting for the bedroom, hallway & living room SHOULD be completed today, which means we can move everything back into those rooms tomorrow, and move everything from the dining room & nook into the living room and wherever else we need to stash stuff.

Initially all the plaster & paint work was supposed to be done in less than a week;  no surprise that it’s going to take at least, I figure, til Wednesday.

At the same time, I’m getting stuff ready for the Torrance WEFF show.  I’ll be having my very first booth that’s just mine, so I’m pretty excited about it.  I’ve been printing out patterns, ordering booklets & books & yarn, and gathering accoutrements for the booth.  I’m going to be making a garment rack & a banner stand.  I have twinkly lights, antiques, a magazine/book rack, a dressform, and more.  Yes, I’ll take pics!  (More details to follow – this deserves its own post, lol.)