In November we have two fantastic KALs starting — both with FOs that will make just gorgeous gifts!

First up is Elizabeth’s San Juan Bautista Shawl.  She did a neat post on this for the blog tour here.  This shawl has really fun construction; it’s one of those high glory to work ratio types of patterns, where the outcome looks way harder than it actually is.  The yarn is Shibui Staccato, which is a really fun yarn to work with.  (I did my Stolen Jewels mitts in it, too.)


Next we have Dani’s Alicia Mitts and Tam.  (Check out her blog tour post here!)  These are a great intro to colorwork, worked in lovely soft shades of grey and splashes of crimson.  These are done in Brooklyn Tweed LOFT, which is just wonderful.



The KALs are being run in the Hitch group on Ravelry here.  Join in!