You know how I mentioned that I have a project I’ve been working on forever?  It’s finally close enough that I feel I can start blogging and talking about it.

(Psst…if you’re going to Madrona next week, you’ll get to see some of these projects in person!)

Like CRK, the collection has a theme. The patterns are inspired by the landscapes, geology, flora, fauna and history of the ‘Wild West’ of Arizona.

I lived in Phoenix (sorry, not my favorite part of Arizona, though!) from 5th grade through high school. Although I’m absolutely a California beach girl, I did develop a love for the natural history of the area, especially of the Sonora Desert, south of Phoenix, and of the Sedona and Oak Creek area, north of Phoenix.

The patterns are unified by the desert palette: dusky sage and cactus greens, turquoise skies, rich browns and creams of earth and sand, and the deep violets of the desert twilight.

Techniques run the gamut from cabling to stranded to lace to textures.  No surprise there, right?

I’ll be releasing these patterns initially as eBooks, based on techniques.  I know not all of you love stranding as much as lace or vice versa — this way you get only the types of patterns you’d like.  (If you’re like me & love everything?  don’t worry, there will be a discount if you want all of them!)

First up will be Lace 1, including a knitted blouse, a camisole, a pair of adorable socks, and two different cowls, one in three different weights.

I’ll be setting up preorders soon!

combo pic lace 1

Saguaro©Rennett Stowe

McDowell Mountains©Harald Nagel

Spring flower©John Fowler

all other photos©Stephannie Tallent