Monday I’m flying to Cleveland to be taped for a couple episodes of Knitting Daily!  I don’t know what episode numbers yet (it’ll be series 1400, however), or when they’ll air, but I’ll keep you posted.  You can check out the Knitting Daily site here to see what station in your area broadcasts it.

I’ll try to get some pics while on the set & let you know about the whole process.

Since The Wild West Collection I’ve been working on a variety of patterns.  I’m planning on doing the photoshoot today (since I’m getting my hair and nails done this morning).  I’m thinking we’ll be heading down to the beach. Right now there’s a lot of marine layer (overcast); it may (most likely) burn off by late morning.  I’d rather it be a little overcast, but, you work with what you have.

Look for a shawlette in Elemental Affects first, then a couple hats (Anzula, Bijou Basin) and a cowl (Stitch Sprouts). Below is a sneak peek at Cherty, the shawlette.  If you’d like sneak peeks / informal pics of any of the others, or to see other folk’s versions, head over to the Ravelry group and looks at some of the recent test knits.

Cherty Shawlette



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