zylcat3I’ve been thinking of doing a podcast (and now a video podcast) for quite some time. Years, actually.  I’ve found, too, through doing the Aran Lace class and the segments for the upcoming Knitting Daily episodes that I’m a total ham happy on camera.

Right now I’m in between big projects. Since I finished up Wild West, and though I have some ideas for small collections (yes, you probably know what happens when I start off thinking small — things grow into behemoths), right now I’m just doing a series of single patterns.

So it’s a good time.

But I’m a little stuck on a name.

The podcast will be primarily knitting-related, but it’ll have sections on other stuff slightly tangential to knitting (what to read while knitting, what to watch while knitting) (because I want an outlet to be geeky about these things, and what I think will be a unique addition: veterinary-related stuff. Some stuff pertaining to knitting or crafting (including the story of a cat and a sewing needle), and some general vet tips, with the thought of soliciting general questions from viewers.

So I’d like to tie in knitting, and veterinary medicine, and Sunset Cat…any thoughts re: a catchy name?  I mean, I can always just go with Sunset Cat Podcast, but that doesn’t really encompass the vet side of things.

Please comment if you have any ideas or, um, comments.