knits for boys coverKnits for Boys by Kate Oates

I need to preface this by saying I don’t have kids — but this is a great book for your library if you do, or if you knit for someone who does!

Kate’s the mom of four adorable boys, so she knows all the things to consider when knitting for boys: they grow, they have distinct preferences, they play hard. And even knitting a small sweater isn’t a negligible effort — so you want it to be wearable as long as possible. (Of course all that applies to girls too — and I think these patterns and advice are great for girls as well.)

The book starts off with basic knitting info applied to Kate’s “Grow With Me Sizing and Styling”. There’s a quick discussion of gauge and swatching followed by sizing, fit, and schematics.  The next quick section, “How Kids Grow: Growth Patterns”, relies on Kate’s extensive experience for one succinct fact: kids tend to get taller faster then they get wider.  Next up is a larger section on making adjustments for nearly every aspect of the pattern size.

The next couple chapters relate more to tips and customization, including instructions for different types of pockets and for hoods.  These chapters are, I think, the most unique and valuable aspect of this book.

Last up before the patterns is a short section on techniques.

The book subtitle says 27 patterns; Ravelry has 29 separate listings. Patterns range from sweaters and cardigans to bow ties and suspenders.  Sweaters generally are sized 4-12; hats etc are offered in sizes as allowed by repeats. Techniques run the gamut from texture to cables to colorwork.  Cable patterns are charted.

The skiing T-Rex is absolutely adorable; I also really like the Prepster Vest and the Twisty Crew.  Click on the links to go to the pattern pages on Ravelry for pics.


I received my copy from the author.