The Knitter’s Book of Knowledge by Debbie Bliss, Lark, 2015, $29.95, 320pp.

So many online knitting references exist: YouTube videos, blog tutorials, and so on, for just about any technique you can think of.  My first tendency if I have to double check a technique is to simply Google it.

However, one of the problems with doing an online search is that you have to know for what you’re searching: how to phrase your search to get the results you want. That’s not the easiest thing to do, especially when knitting terminology can vary.  (This is also a factor, say, if you’re trying to find something in exhaustive books such as Principle of Knitting via searching through the index).

The Knitter’s Book of Knowledge touches upon a plethora of topics, each concisely described and clearly illustrated, ranging from beginner topics (how to work a knit stitch either Continental or English) to more advanced topics (shifting colors to the right or left while working intarsia).

The layout is very easy (and enjoyable — this is a lovely book) to read and flip through.

If you’re a beginner knitter, I think this book will suit you quite well. Once you’re ready to explore more advanced techniques, this book gives you a good introduction, and the knowledge to use as a basis for learning more.  If you’re already more advanced and are a technique junkie (raising my hand), you may want more details than this book gives you; but, it serves very well as a quick reference, and often, if you’re double checking on something, that’s all you need.  Given the scope of the book (from casting on to finishing techniques and a bit of everything else in between), I think it does a fantastic job.

I received my copy from the publisher.