2015 was an odd year for me knitting-design-wise.  I’d finished up the huge undertaking of the Wild West series — a collection I’m still very proud of — and for once didn’t have any major deadlines or projects.

I wanted to do two sweaters for 2015, and they are done but for the photography. As noted below, one is the Anzula cami, which I’ll be publishing as a spring/summer pattern.

I was super excited to have another pattern in Twist Collective (Fretwork).  I was also excited to have several patterns accepted by Knit Picks for collections coming out in 2016, as well as the Chalcedony Mitts, which came out this year.

As I hoped and planned, I used a lot of the yarn I’d been given by various companies for new designs. This was yarn that was given without strings or plans, but I’d had some of it, unused, way longer than I felt comfortable with.  I still have a small stockpile to use for designs in 2016.

I have ten (!) patterns for which photography needs to be done — after that all but one is ready to go (the Anzula Cami — it’s really a spring/summer pattern).  Those will bump up the 2016 numbers 🙂

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Cowls: Bezant, Wave Break, and Coast Oak Cowl for the December Luxe Yarnbox

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Shawls: Fretwork (in Twist Collective!), Sandbar, Scrub Jay, Breakwater, Euphilotes, and Revetment

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Other Accessories: Coast Oak Hat for the December Luxe Yarnbox, Chalcedony Mitts, Josephine in Diamonds mitts, and Kitty Corner Socks

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Home: Spa Cloths 1, 2, and 3 and Spa Cloths 4, 5, and 6



I attended both Winter and Summer TNNA last year.  I had a booth at the winter show, but not the summer show.  I also went up to Stitches West.

I skipped the Ventura and Torrance shows (both small local shows).  The Ventura show is on a Saturday, and frankly I make more from my Saturday vet clinic job than I did last year at the show, and it’s less time and work involved. No excuse on the Torrance show, except that I had a lot of vet work booked, and wanted that day off.


It got started then fizzled over the summer…but I really enjoy doing it and want to make it a priority for 2016.  Look for episodes starting in January.