titleCard_10634My Craftsy class Custom Colorwork Techniques: Mitts went live Monday.

It’s all about choosing and customizing motifs for your own mitts. The focus is on motifs at the wrist and then the top cuff, but I also touch upon tips and hints for motifs on other parts of the mitts. I review charts, knitting math specific to the mitts, color choices, fiber choices, and more!

My goal is that you end up designing mitts that you love. I’m really excited to see what everyone will come up with!

Please click here for 50% off on the class.

Here are some pics Craftsy took of my samples, swatches, etc.

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I can’t say enough how fantastic everyone was (and is!) at Craftsy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Laura, I wish I could be like you when I grow up. You are awesome! Greg, you made me believe every supportive word you gave me — that’s a huge gift. Gabe, here’s the Dance of Joy once more. Ryan, thank you for being so patient through all the Cintiq! Kim, we never met in person, but thank you for all those weeks of hard work and fine tuning 🙂