I don’t have a single room that I use as a studio, but I do have a couple key areas!

knitting working space (1)The bulk of my work happens at my computer. It’s in what we call the dining room nook. At some point in time in our house’s existence (I think pretty early on, since all the walls are still lath and plaster) someone enclosed the side of the front porch that was adjacent to the dining room. It’s the perfect spot for my computer desk.  There’s plenty of natural light (tons of windows). We used to have a daybed in here, but have moved that into the spare/guest bedroom.

The desk was my maternal grandma’s.  I found the Eames Aluminum Management Chair on Craigslist (sheepskin is from Ikea).  I use a MacBook Retina Pro running Bootcamp and Windows 7, and have a large screen that’s hooked up to it.

I also have a garage sale table that I painted turquoise, and an Ikea RÃ…SKOG Cart, in the same area. I keep ink bottles in the drawer in the table.  Yarn for designing is in the cart.knitting working space (4)I also have a large cabinet with drawers that we found at a garage sale. This is against the wall in the dining room across from the dining nook. It contains all sorts of things — yarns for designing, swatches, color samples, knitting needles and other tools, and more.

knitting working space (2)

Finally, here’s where I do most of my knitting!  On the couch, in that corner. The big window behind the couch gives a view of our front yard. There’s also two side windows, not shown, on the other wall perpendicular to that wall.  It’s also a very bright sunny room.

knitting working space (3)

Not pictured: the Craigslist bookcase in which I store all my knitting books and a bit of personal yarn.