These are the shawl designs I’ve chosen from designers participating in the 2016 Indie Design Gift-A-Long. I’ve tried, again, to pick a variety of techniques: for this installment, you’ll find double knitting, slip stitch colorwork, and lace.

If you have any favorites not listed, please post a comment with the pattern name and/or link!


Barbara Benson Golden Lion Throne

bb-golden-lion-2 bb-golden-lion-1

I’ve been a long admirer of Barbara’s designs. She combines mosaic slip stitch patterns with lace in a unique way.

In her Golden Lion Throne pattern, shown above, she includes a detailed discussion on yarn color, swatching, reading charts, etc.  She includes swatch directions — I think this is a great idea for both swatching for gauge and swatching to practice the technique. Charts and line by line instructions are given for both the swatch and the pattern. Pertinent tips are included in a sidebar adjacent to the line by line instructions.

Emily Ross Amillë

I just adore this Niebling-esque shawl. Until Emily sent me the pattern, I was unaware that it was knit primarily in the round. She includes a construction schematic that overlays a photo of the shawl, with sections clearly marked. Overviews are included for each section, so you have an idea of what’s going on in each. Tables for sections E-I are included with stitch count totals after each increase row.

Both charts and line by line directions are included.

Nim Teasdale Renaissance Fan

I chose Nim’s elegant half circle shawl because the flow of the stitch patterns highlights the beautiful gradient yarns available.  It’s a fantastic melding of design and yarn. I especially love the larger example, with more repeats of the edging (see the Ravelry pattern page for more project photos): this option is noted in the pattern. Beads a lovely addition. Both charts and line by line instructions are included.

Tania Richter Celtic Lunar Phoenix (and Inari Kitsune)


Tania’s intricate, pictorial double knitted designs are just stunning.  Celtic Lunar Phoenix, above, is a triangular shawl, with the wingspan of the phoenix stretching across your back (um, the wingspan of the shawl). The design is clearly charted.

Inari Kitsune features one of my favorite mythological creatures: trickster Kitsunes. The pattern is presented as a sequence of downloads, since it was initially an MKAL (mystery knitalong, with clues released at set intervals). See the pattern page for the variety of scarves the knitters created! 

Be sure to visit the Indie Design Gift-A-Long group on Ravelry to join in the fun! Games, prizes, and encouragement!

Patterns discussed above were provided by the designers at my request for review copies. I’ve only chosen patterns that I really loved 🙂