One of the things I love most about the Indie GAL (Gift-A-Long) is the chance to discover and/or promote other designers’ work. Over the course of the GAL I’ll be publishing gift-knitting related interviews with designers whose work I admire.

cl-zipClare Lakewood publishes lovely home and accessory patterns. Check out her Ravelry page here.

Steph: What’s your favorite part of the GAL?
Clare: I love finding new-to-me designers! There’s some incredible patterns out there by some incredibly talented people, and the GAL makes it easy to explore some of the best people have to offer.

Have you participated before this year?
I did! I participated last year, and enjoyed it so much that it was an easy decision to jump in again this year.

Awesome that you’re back! Are you participating as a knitter? if yes, what are you planning on knitting? if no, what would you, had you the time?
Unfortunately, some other things on my plate mean I’m probably not going to be working on a GAL pattern during the GAL. I’m still planning to use the sale to pick up a few favored patterns, though! I think Charby’s Tights are super-cute for all the babies my friends seem to be having!
Nancy Whitman’s Mind Over Miter is clever and graphic and I’d love to make one for me.
And I happen to love twisted-stitch socks, so Hunter Hammersen’s Enchase are right up my alley.

Which of your patterns do you think make the best gifts?
Like lots of people, I’m super-busy. For me, if I’m being honest, round this time of year it has to be a quick knit. The Zippertooth mitts are great because because they work up so quickly, and you can really play around with color to suit the recipient. Pika is a great choice for babies, for the same reason!

And for those that don’t have a cold-weather Xmas (this Australian is acutely aware of that), Pomelo is a great choice. It is a slightly bigger project, but super-great for taking to the beach.

Thank you so much Clare!

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Photos © Clare Lakewood

Don’t forget to check out the Indie Design Gift-A-Long group on Ravelry to join in the fun!