One of the things I love most about the Indie GAL (Gift-A-Long) is the chance to discover and/or promote other designers’ work. Over the course of the GAL I’ll be publishing gift-knitting related interviews with designers whose work I admire.


tr-phoenixTania Richter publishes amazing pictorial double knit shawl, scarf, and stole patterns (as well as other things!). Check out her Ravelry page here.

Steph: What’s your favorite part of the GAL?
Tania: The community that builds from the GAL and seeing how it continues to grow through the years.

Have you participated before this year?
I’ve participated the last two years.

Are you participating as a knitter? if yes, what are you planning on knitting? if no, what would you, had you the time?
While I would absolutely love to participate, this year I got hit by a few deadlines. I’m hoping my schedule is a bit clearer next year!

 Which of your patterns do you think make the best gifts?
The Epic Fox/Wolf Hat
Cloud Dragon Scarf
Steampunk Gears Scarf and Cowl
Neko Cat Scarf

Those are all fantastic. Thank you so much Tania!

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Photos © Tania Richter

Don’t forget to check out the Indie Design Gift-A-Long group on Ravelry to join in the fun!