My mom likes to rearrange her (very heavy) furniture all the time. We’re talking not just a couch or chairs, but antique sideboards and display cabinets filled with her collections.

Frankly, I’m fine with the idea of it; she really enjoys rearranging stuff. However, she had back surgery last year (she did heal up great), and has bad knees, and I worry that she’ll hurt herself. I can’t make her stop. She’s very stubborn.

My husband would note that I am too. And I’ll sheepishly admit that the only reason I don’t do a lot of rearranging is that, in our small house, I’ve already determined the optimal layout of furniture for each room.

Having said that, my tendencies are towards decluttering and downsizing. I’m especially good at decluttering when I’m supposed to be working on something else. Productive procrastination!

Regardless, here’s what I have for sale. US/APO shipping only; your choice media, parcel or priority, actual shipping to be charged (prices below do not include shipping).

I have some freebies I’ll be tossing in for the first few orders totaling more than $30 (not including shipping).

If you’d like to purchase anything, please email me!

ETA: Wow, you guys rock! Here’s what’s left:

Knit Picks Collection Joyful Lace $14.99 (list 24.99)

The Wild West Collection Vol 2: Cables $19.99 (list 22.95) (I’ll gift you the PDF on Ravelry as well if you purchase one of these at this time) one sold, two remaining 

Mittens! booklet 9.99 (list 14.95) I’ll gift you the PDF on Ravelry as well if you purchase one of these, too, at this time!

Aran Lace DVD $12 (reduced!) plus Ravelry code for one of my Aran Lace cowl patterns if you purchase it at this time (Artemisia Cowl, Achillea Cowl, Coast Oak Cowl, or Applejack Cowl)

I still have a couple copies of Hitch and just one copy of California Revival Knits left on Amazon. If you purchase them from me (look for me (Stephannie Tallent) as the seller, or a line in the description stating “Please message me if you’d like your copy signed. Thanks!”), I’ll gift the PDF to you on Ravelry as well. (I’m sorry, if you purchase the book(s) from someone else, or in the past, I can’t honor this.) I can easily squeeze in Vol 2 Cables or Mittens! in with either of those, with no additional cost in shipping.

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Knit Picks Collections (links included for your info to see the patterns included)
Wool of the Andes 2013 Collection $9.99 (list 14.99) sold
Celtic Journey $9.99 (list 14.99) (2 copies available) (I’ll also send you a code for the current version of Flidais, top of post, on Ravelry): both sold
Twist and Tweed $14.99 (list 24.99) sold
Creative Color $14.99 (list 24.99) sold
Petite Presents $14.99 (list 24.99) sold
Under 200 $14.99 (list 24.99) sold

The Wild West Collection (I’ll gift you the PDF on Ravelry as well if you purchase one of these at this time)
Vol 2: Cables $19.99 (list 22.95) one pending, two remaining
Vol 3: Stranded  $13.99 (list 17.95) sold
Vol 4: Textured $13.99 (list 16.95) sold

Women’s size large wooden sock blockers: $20/pair. Multiple pairs available. all sold