Are you excited about the Great American Eclipse? Are you lucky enough to live in the path of totality, or will you be traveling to see it?

Dave and I booked a super cute vintage bungalow in Bend, Oregon, through Airbnb (affiliate link! we love Airbnb) more than a year ago. His parents, Rosemary and Curtis, will be RV’ing from California to Madras, Oregon (Dave made them book their campsite as soon as the campground was taking reservations for eclipse dates). We’ll be meeting them at the campground Monday afternoon, and staying with them til Tuesday afternoon some time.

Regarding eclipse knitting: I did a quick search on Ravelry. There aren’t too many eclipse-themed patterns. Frankly, the search I did showed up a ton of patterns that had absolutely nothing to do with eclipses! Some were Twilight/Bella related: mostly striped hats, and a pair of socks that were inspired by the book cover.

Tania Richter’s Dragon Eclipse Blanket features a gorgeous dragon (and moon).

Eclipse by Shellie Anderson, in Shibui, is my favorite of the eclipse-themed patterns. The use of two highly contrasting colors (and yarns) in the sample really evoke the idea of an eclipse without being obvious or gimmicky.

I’m surprised no one’s come up with an idea incorporating this sort of image (stranded cowl, anyone?).

If you broaden your search to include sun or moon themes, you can find a ton more patterns, including my Under the Sun and Beneath the Moon shawls (shown above).

Other neat sun and moon themed patterns include:

Are you going to see the eclipse? Let me know!

If  you’re interested in learning more about the eclipse, check out these links: