I posted this in my newsletter, but it seemed to hit a chord, so I wanted to share this further.

Are you in the midst of some holiday deadline knitting?

Here are some quick tips that keep me sane.

  1. Only knit for someone who’s knitworthy. By knitworthy, I’m including someone who appreciates the thought, work, and time that goes into making a handknit accessory or garment. Otherwise, just buy something nice that won’t take you hours of work! I’m also a big fan of shared experiences – take someone out for a nice lunch, for a gorgeous hike, or something else that will be fun and relaxing.
  2. Pick yarn that you love to work with. This is the time to break out the super soft, comforting yarn. I recently knit up a sample in Mrs Crosby Due Capre and it was heaven in my hands.
  3. Ideally, pick something that is DK weight of larger. You know I love tiny needles, but this is not the time to work on, say, a Bohus sweater in light fingering weight.
  4. Choose something that can be sumptuous: slippers, a cozy cowl, house socks, a warm hat, or a lacy shawlette.
  5. Don’t stress out! If you’re knitting for someone knitworthy, chances are they’ll love whatever you make. That doesn’t mean don’t do the best work you can, just enjoy the process. And take a bit of time for some self care. I know that’s the trendy phrase of the moment, but there is validity to it. Go to the gym, take a walk, brew a nice cup of tea or coffee and just relax a bit — with or without your knitting.