One of the things I love most about the Indie GAL (Gift-A-Long) is the chance to discover and/or promote other designers’ work. Over the course of the GAL I’ll be publishing gift-knitting related interviews with designers whose work I admire.

Steph: Have you participated as a designer before this year? And are you participating as a knitter? if yes, what are you planning on knitting?

Katrine: This is my third year participating as a designer. It’s great to see knitters working with my patterns! However, for me the best part of the GAL is to discover new to me designers, and getting to knit from their patterns. It’s so relaxing to knit when someone else has done the math 🙂 You also learn from others, how they write their patterns and sometimes new techniques also. This year, I started with Fouilloy Cowl by Kathleen Sperling, and I learned how to do long tail cast-on using two colors from that pattern. Looking forward to learning much more and enjoying the knitting and chatting in the GAL group!

Anything else you’re planning on knitting?

Since the first time I participated in the GAL, I have been hoping to tame the opadoo. I haven’t succeeded yet, but I’m not letting it keep me from trying! I don’t have the whole opadoo planned, but I have started the mentioned cowl and Trooper sweater by ChristalLittleK. For hands I’m making Reune mitts by Jean Clement, and for shawl I have your Breakwater!

Wow! I’m super impressed by anyone tackling the opadoo (knitting or crocheting an item in each category), let alone a designer, knowing how much knitting you probably already have on your plate. And thanks for picking one of my patterns, I’m honored!!

Which of your patterns do you think make the best gifts?

My patterns are for knitters who like to knit stylish items that they will love to wear, but I also want the making to be interesting. Usually, this means that my patterns don’t fall into the “quick gifts” category. But if you have knitworthy gift recipients, then the Kaiku wrap would be a minimalistic design to fit many tastes and has a fun construction. The Liinu shawl also has a fun construction and it lets you play with colors and lace. If Vikkel braids are a new technique for you, then my Tauride shawl will teach you how to make them and it will also give you plenty of practice for them.

I’m with you, I like things to be interesting 🙂 And I really love your Arctic Blizzard Socks!

Thanks for being interviewed!

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photos © Katrine Birkenwasser


Find Katrine on Ravelry as birkenwasser, and check out all her designs here!  She also has a website and podcast here.

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