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The Cats (and the Dog)

The cats are Tonkinese, a breed that combines (in my opinion) the best of the Burmese and Siamese breeds.  Tonks are loving, talkative, smart, playful cats.  They are moderate in build and facial features, surprisingly heavy and muscular for their size, and have incredibly soft fur. People who profess to not like cats are generally charmed, despite themselves, by Tonkinese.

Obi modeling Dave Finally Gets His socksObi, Oberon, is Meggie’s son and Cali’s brother. He’s named after Oberon from A Midsummer’s Night Dream; Oberon is also a moon of Uranus. He also goes by Obi Wan.

He’s the biggest cat, and the sweetest. He likes to groom Dave’s beard.

He’s also our escape artist, the only one of our cats who wants to explore outside.

His color is Platinum Mink, which gives him his creamy color and aqua blue eyes.

He assisted in modeling the following patterns:

  • Quatrefoil Mitts from California Revival Knits
  • Dave Finally Gets His
  • Sweetgrass
  • I Love You Dad socks
  • Sw’Elegant

Obi passed away May 2013.

Cali doesn’t care that he has a girly name.  (He was actually named after one of the moons of Jupiter.)Cali modeling Don't Fence Me In mitts

Meggie’s son, and Obi’s brother, he’s the brat of the pack.  He’s the one who nips Dave awake in the middle of the night for food, water, or cuddling.  (Me?  he just snuggles up to and purrs.)

He’s lean and fast and sleek.

He loves having nonsense songs sung to him (just repeat his name often).

He’s a Platinum solid, which means his color is slightly darker and closer to solid than Obi or Meggie, and he has pale greenish eyes.

You can see him modeling for the following patterns:

  • Kelpie
  • Adamson Mitts
  • Don’t Fence Me In

Meggie modeling Dave Finally Gets His socksMeggie is the matriarch of the Tonkinese clan.

When we got her mom, Cicely (who’s since passed away), the agreement with the breeder was that Cicie would have a litter of kittens, with Cicie’s breeder, and the stud’s breeder, getting first picks of the litter.

Unfortunately the birthing did not go well, and only one kitten, Meggie, was born alive. I spayed Cicie as soon as I could thereafter.

Cicie’s breeder stated she could NOT take my kitten away from me — but she did still want kittens from that line.

Meggie was bred and, two months, later, popped out four perfect kittens: Oberon, Callisto, Rosalind and Europa. About two months after that, the breeder came and took Rosalind and Europa to their new homes. I was crying, and the kittens were crying — I don’t think I ever could breed and show cats.

But we got to keep Cicie, Megs, Cali and Obi.

Megs is petite, with the littlest feet of any cat I’ve seen. She’s feisty and fearless. Rigel, our dog, is absolutely terrified of her.

Oberon looks just like her, just bigger.

You can see her in some of the pics for Dave Finally Gets His.

And Rigel?

What about the cute dog, you say?

Rigel is our English Cocker Spaniel. He was born in 2001.  He’s a momma’s boy but adores Dave too.  He loves the cats but they’ve not yet fully forgiven us for bringing home a puppy.  They now tolerate each other, generally exchanging sniffs, but Rigel will chase them if they run — he can’t help himself.  And Obi has, on occasion, for no discernable reason, reached out and swatted Rigel.

English Cockers aren’t that popular of a breed here, which is both good & bad:  they’ve not been overbred, like more popular breeds, but it’s not easy to find a breeder.  They’re about 30lbs, very active, healthy and merry.