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Tuesday To Do: A Typical Design Day

Today should (famous last words) look like this….

Please walk me, mom!

  • Early early a.m.:  catch up on blogs, Ravelry, check Hip Chat with Knitcircus, etc.  Write this blog post.
  • Walk dog — we’re going to do a nice walk this a.m, two miles or so, down on the Strand.  I hurt my foot (fell when running Sunday morning) and it’s feeling better, so a walk will be good.  I’ll cheat & drive us down the hill, then do the ‘190th to Pier & back’ walk.
  • Head to Torrance Farmer’s Market for weekly produce shopping.
  • Finish the body of the Dragonfly Fibers cardi.  This is a lot of knitting, folks, but it’s my goal for the day.  I don’t think the charts will need any more tweaking, and I’m about 1/5 of the way into the hip increases (working top down) right now.
  • Come up with interview questions for yarnies whose yarn I’m featuring in the book.  I’m going to start a series of blog interviews just for the yarnies who have provided yarn support. I’m planning on including teaser pics of the actual yarn for the book.  I’ll do this when taking knitting breaks.
  • Email one of the potential locations for photo shoot.  This will also happen during a knitting break.  Hey, it’s a small thing, but I don’t want to forget it.
  • Contact a potential vet job offer.  This, too, will happen during a knitting break.
  • Other various business-y stuff, updating calendar, syncing my phone, laptop & iPad, etc etc.  Um, yes, during a knitting break.

That should take me to, oh, 8 or 8:30p.  There’s a ton more on my to do list, but if I get these things done, I’ll be thrilled.


Escondido Falls Hike (and quick wading at Leo Carrillo)

Yesterday Dave, I and Rigel hiked to Escondido Falls.  It’s one of the few areas that allows dogs so we figured Rigel would like the adventure.  To his great delight he discovered lizards, how to get incredibly muddy crossing streams, and how to scramble and climb like a little mountain goat.

The above picture is from the base of the upper falls.  I banged the hell out of my knee and fell into the water when trying to get to a boulder in the pool.  My knee immediately swelled, throbbed, etc;  it hurt so bad I almost vomited.  As you can imagine it was not so fun getting back down from the upper falls at that point with an injury (requires a lot of scrambling, pulling yourself up/lowering yourself down etc:  my pecs are actually a bit sore this morning).  As my friends know I’m not the always the most stoic of people, but I do want to state I limped back with no complaints.  I was actually VERY STOIC.  Really.

Here’s a pic of the lower falls:

Afterwards we headed a bit further north to Leo Carrillo State Park & beach.  They allow leashed dogs north of lifeguard station 3.  Rigel’s only been to the beach a couple times because most of the beaches (including of course where we live) do not allow dogs.  I wanted him to experience the waves and, more importantly, rinse off all the mud he’d collected.  He seemed to like it overall — we just waded a bit in the surf.

I really would like to start hiking & trail running Saturdays.  There are a ton of hiking opportunities within an hour drive.  We won’t always be able to bring Rigel, but I’d like to when we can.



Drifting Pleats and Gratuitous Pet Pics

First, the cats:

Clockwise from left: Obi, Cali, and Megs

(From left and moving clockwise: Obi, Cali and Megs)

Next, Drifting Pleats:

Drrrifting Pleats

And finally, Rigel:



April and May Goals etc

Gotta love Ravelry. Someone ‘favorited’ my felted cat bed. Given I have no picture of the knitted and felted item in question…..I’m assuming they find my cats adorable.

Cali and Obi


I feel like I could just re-post the March April goals, including the lack of any knitting progress.

What I did manage to do: finish the felted cat bed; spin a little; make more stitch markers; destash some yarn.

So…..May Goals

To finish: Dave’s Irish Moss Scarf, Pleated Scarf (yep, a new project, with Malabrigo’s luscious silk merino) AND the boucle Portrait Scarf.

Progress on other projects:

Finish the body of the Eyelet Cardi.

On Herbstlied: finish my swatch, adjust the sweater design as needed to fit my desired size and the gauge I’m obtaining (i.e. decide how many extra stitches are needed and where to put them) and get started on the back.

Monthly destash: Review books, mags and yarn for more destashing.