Rigel is an English Cocker Spaniel. He is small, about 30#, and short. He is sweet and loving.


He has, however, been seduced by the Dark Side yet once again. Notice the evil glowing green color of his eyes.



Dave bought a baker’s dozen of bagels Sunday morning. I had one and a half, and Dave, I later learned, had three. That leaves eight and half bagels.

We came home from dinner that night to discover an empty bag on the floor.

How does a short but food-oriented, very cunning dog get stuff off the counter? His nose barely clears the countertop when he’s stretching on his tippy-toes.

That’s where the Dark Side comes in. I know Rigel must’ve caused the bag to levitate, sorta like Luke on Dagobah with his spaceship, but on a smaller scale, of course.

Regardless, he didn’t look like he’d eaten 8+ bagels, so I went on a hunt. He tends to hide things in the couch cushions, and, sure enough, I found a bagel.



However, he didn’t look like he’d eaten 7+ bagels, either. I had Dave check outside but he saw nothing.


Because guess what I found today?

I first discovered an uprooted plant. I was puzzled til I looked at the adjacent pot.

Something had been digging.

Was that a bagel?


It was!

Then I checked the other pots.




I accounted for four more bagels.

He was very distressed once I’d uncovered them, and started searching for new hiding spots (or is that pots?).




I’m sure he could’ve eaten three that night. But there’s at least one more pot to check.