Dave and I visited Tonka this afternoon. He’s obviously feeling better, purring and making biscuits on our arms as we held him. So far no vomiting since Monday a.m. and he’s getting to eat today.

Since I had the day off today I got to work on this blog a lot, joining some rings and finding pretty buttons with which to ‘decorate’ my site. The button/pic link to my page is a pic of my dog Cella, who died from liver cancer when I was in vet school. She was a great dog, very sweet and trusting. Rigel, though sweet, is very different personality-wise.

The felted bag, though it could be considered finished, is going thru one more trip in the wash to get it a little tighter. I used grey Cascade 220 wool mixed with Fizz at the top for the fluffy cuff. This is the third time thru the wash.