Well, my husband is sitting on the daybed in our office/guestroom, asking plaintively if he’s going to be mentioned in the blog, that he’s sick, too (and has been for the past couple days). My retort was that he’s not going to die from his cold, and Tonka dying was a definite possibility.

The final felting on the bag went well, I’m going to have to start a finished works section. Eventually I’ll have enough to move onto their own page, but alas, not as of yet.

I’ve been getting a ton of knitting books from the library, trying to decide what I want to get to keep in my knitting library. I have Knitting in Plain English by Righetti, Vol 4 of the Harmony Stitch Guides, Knitted Embellishments by Epstein (got both at a LYS for 1/2 off) and Dogs in Knits by Swartz (which I’ve had a while and never used). I’m going to get Felted Knits for sure, as well as Knitting on the Edge; and probably Knitting in the Old Way. I fell in love with the Aran book by Starmore (that being one I checked out from the library) and will keep my eyes out for a reasonably priced copy. I’m not at the point where I can design my own stitches but I can certainly incorporate various stitches etc into scarves, and with help, hopefully design some of my own sweaters and incorporate different things — which is why I’m trying to get reference type books instead of pattern books.

I never knew how to knit on circular needles til this ‘time round (oh, bad pun!) and I have to say I love it. So much faster! Which is why I finished the felted bag, and have made good progress on the Drone costume, but my cable scarf is languishing.