Pinup Girl is moving along. Note it’s not as bright of a green as in the work in progress picture. I bought some bamboo needles because I kept having stitches fall off my aluminum needles. I hold my needles very loosely when I knit so I wanted something just a bit ‘stickier’.

The last couple days I was working at an animal clinic located next to a bead store, so I ended up browsing and deciding to make some lovely stitch markers. I’ve seen a lot of pretty ones on eBay but have in the past made a little jewelry so I knew it wasn’t too difficult. So, for about $14 and a little help from the wonderful clerk I made five gorgeous tumbled aquamarine and glass stitch markers. They’re not catching on the fuzzy yarn in Pinup Girl, and are actually thinner than the plastic markers I was using, so they’re working out great. Check out the pic under finished objects. I think I’m going to have to make a similar necklace to wear with the sweater, the aquamarine, topaz glass, and copper & silver findings look great against the green of the sweater!

Lots of probably unnoticeable changes on the blog — rearranging of files etc on the server I use.

The CVMA Yosemite Conference is this weekend. I’ve checked out the conditions and it looks great — no rain/snow expected, cold at night but not bad during the day. I’ll be bringing along knitting projects!