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On Buying Handmade and a new Contest

After the experience of one (yes, just one) of our solar lights disappearing from our frontyard, Dave & I are a little leery of putting out anything too nifty out front.  However, we can decorate the backyard and have been thinking about what to get.

Decorating the backyard primarily means, in our case, putting something up on the turquoise wall.  I was thinking lanterns, Dave was thinking hanging wall art of a celestial nature (suns, stars, moons).  We debated the merits of Talavera objects but decided on metal.

So, yesterday afternoon, after getting the fountain running and scattering a few more river rocks, I plopped myself down in front of the computer and started searching on Etsy (and Artfire, but had less luck there).

I have to say, I really, really love the idea of Etsy.  However, it is a MAJOR pain to search.  Very clunky and time consuming.

I found two vendors that we’re going to order from:  My Truck Leroy (link is to their own homepage rather than Etsy) — one of my faves from them is already sold but their site says they’ll do custom orders/make to order —  and Winfield Designs (for some garden stakes, two stars & a moon).

…..some time later…..some work in the front yard…..harvesting a million tomatoes, getting the plants cleaned up, etc, etc……

….I got a wonderful email from Jessica at My Truck Leroy.  Dave & I have to finalize what we want & I have to get back to her.  Excited!


Answer the current poll regarding “buying handmade” and post a comment (on this post!) about your answer by noon PST Friday July 31st.  I’ll use an online random number generator to pick a winner.  Prize?  Another stitchmarker/notecard combo.  Jackie, who won the last contest, posted about her prize here.


Italian Holiday Stitch Markers

I finished the Italian Holiday collection this weekend. Sterling silver posts, fit up to size 10 needles (10.5 fits but is in my opinion a little snug), vintage/antique and contemporary beads purchased on our trip to Italy this past summer (with Japanese seed beads as accents).  Special travel quotes on the back, coordinating ribbons for storage…..

Dainty vintage green and pink beads:

Green & Rose

Green & Rose

And this, from contemporary Murano beads:

Sparkly Brown and Blue

Sparkly Brown and Blue

And finally these, more contemporary beads from Murano:

Fiery Murano

Fiery Murano

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Back from Italia!

….but not quite recovered yet from jet lag.

We got back Sunday evening and I worked Monday & Tuesday.

I finished one sock (except for the toe grafting, which I did the other day) while on the trip.

Bayerische Sock

I like it!  Notice I only did 2 pattern repeats on the leg — I like shorter socks — but had to do, yes, FIVE, on the foot.

So, if I pair it with my (one) New England sock, I sort of have knitted a pair of socks. (Major second sock syndrome, I know.)

new england sock

I found that the only time I had for knitting was pretty much just while in transit.  I had very little just sitting around time.

I did buy some lovely beads for stitch markers.



Sunset Cat Designs

I’ve been working on the small business aspects of Sunset Cat Designs — DBA filed, stuff for publishing the notice for that faxed in, etc — as well as working on this site via Dreamhost & WordPress.  Although I played a lot with my blogger template I’m learning a lot more about CSS etc now.

I’m debating between getting started with ads on Ravelry and selling directly through my website vs starting up on Etsy.  I’m still considering  putting together a package of samples, info etc and trying to sell through more LYS in Los Angeles.

So far I’ve sold one set of markers through Twist and two sets at my local SnB.

It seems the only knitting I’m getting done is when I’m at SnB (the South Bay group meets at Catalina Coffee in Redondo Beach, Thurs 6p to ?).  At least I get a good couple hours of knitting done, though it’s on my easier projects (Pleated Scarf, Eyelet Cardi).