Hmm….not much on the knitting front. I’ve started the second ball of Malabrigo silky merino for the Pleated Scarf. It’s neat scarf, easy once you understand what’s going on, and it looks pretty nifty. The yarn is luscious. The sweaters have been on the back burner.

I spun a little, some of the merino/silk Chasing Rainbows roving. I can tell I’m getting more smooth and regular (good).

I’ve made several more stitch markers and sent some off to Rosemary — she’s volunteered to show some to her LYS, Wool and Company. At least per their website they don’t carry any handcrafted markers.

Stick and Stone Fiberarts is closing. Heading to their sale today. I’m bummed they’re closing. I’ve bought things from them before, both on sale and not, and I haven’t even come close to using what I’ve bought (so why go to the sale? too good of prices to ignore, even though I shouldn’t be buying more fiber). I’ll probably pick up some dyes, too.