Lazy, lazy weekend. I’ve been puttering around the house, working on the Perugino throw, reading, watching movies, waiting for my back to NOT hurt so I can get my butt moving so I don’t suffer tremendously during the tri which is just 2 months away. AGGGH.

We had a bit of a cold front come through so Rigel got to wear his drone horse blanket to bed the other night. It’s so darn cute how much he likes it. He gets excited when you put it on him. Most dogs that I’ve met have at best tolerated their sweaters (the look in their eyes clearing stating ‘if you hadn’t shaved off all my fur I wouldn’t need the damn sweater, now, would I?’); many promptly remove the sweater themself, or, like my parent’s previous Japanese Chin, Sushi, refuse to move til the offensive garment is removed by you. Regardless, he doesn’t care how hideous the damn thing is, he just knows it’s his and he likes it.

Bribed the hubby with visiting Acres of Books if we drop by Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. Didn’t I tell you he is a sweetie?

I bought Tudor Roses on Ebay — $50 — ouch, but I just couldn’t find it elsewhere. The seller, Janette’s Rare Yarns, is great. I also bought a skein of Colette Giotto and one of Tagliatelli, as well as 20 skeins of Jaeger Shetland in sage (yep, going to finally tackle one of those gorgeous Starmore Arans) (yes, after I finish the throw, PinUp Girl, and mom’s sweater). Oh, I also ordered the Persian Tiles pillow and A Collector’s Item from Virtual Yarns. Figured that was an easy (well, a good) way to try herself’s yarns, the customer service of the company, etc.