Rigel was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force today. He will hereafter by known as DARTH RIGEL.

You know how I’m having that ladies’ May Day Tea? I’ve been baking the bread, mixing the herb spreads, and so on. I’d gotten two loaves of bread done, the wheat pecan loaf and the buttermilk oatmeal loaf. (I’m currently cooking a french loaf for the bread pudding.) I’d packed them up in large ziplock freezer bags after they cooled to keep them fresher, and placed them on the counter. This morning, I even nudged them back so they’d be out of the dog formerly known only as Rigel’s reach. Hah.

I don’t know how diligently he stretched to reach that bag of buttermilk bread; he’s very short and really can only manage to get his nose up to the counter, even while standing as straight as he can on his hind legs. The simplest answer is that he succumbed to the Dark Side and used his new mindpowers to levitate the bread down to him.

There’s still a chance to save him, I think; he was very cowed when I found the evidence (partially eaten loaf, still inside its (torn) bag). And when I told him to LAY DOWN he immediately did so (which reaffirms my belief that he does know what those words mean, he only chooses to occasionally obey) (for the longest time we thought he really wasn’t very bright — now we know he’s just stubborn — goes to show what a bad influence 5 non-trainable cats can be on a puppy!).

So I have to make two, not one, more loaves today: the buttermilk oatmeal (again) and the pumpernickel. And the asparagus soup. Everything else will have to wait til Sunday.

Knitting-wise, I’ve been working on Persian Tiles and the (modified) Perugino throw.