Didn’t do the Danskin tri today but will be doing the Ventura Tri for Life soon(coincidentally a couple days after my birthday). For what it’s worth I did go on a nice hard (for me) bike ride yesterday on Rocket Bike (as I’ve named my oh so lovely and way too good for me Trek carbon fiber 5000 WSD road bike), and a good run/walk this a.m. (after being stood up by some people who said they’d be there — yeah, I’m a little pissed).

I dragged Dave to see a talk by Dean Karnazes (held by the LA Tri Club). Wow. That guy is something else. Crazy, yes. Definitely crazy. He ran a marathon to the South Pole. Has run over 200 miles nonstop. Won the Badwater Ultramarathon (135+ miles across Death Valley, in July, in the middle of the day — so hot, 130F +, the asphalt melts your running shoe soles off and, as Dean shared, bread gets toasted by the ambient temperature). But he comes across as so stinking nice you can’t help but like him. Dave was not so thrilled that I gushed over Dean. But let me tell you, Karnazes might be superhuman but his wife, to put up with all that? Double wow, I don’t think I’d be that supportive.

Anyway, I go up to get my book signed, a stupid grin on my face, and I say, “All I can say is ‘wow’.” Dean smiles, tells me I have a great smile as he starts to sign my book, we get through the normal rehashing on just how to spell my name (complicated by double n) and since I had ‘Steph’ on my nametag we went with that, and he writes ‘keep charging, keep smiling’ and I start blathering about yes, I can smile, even though I’m tired, it’s bedtime, and I’m hearing myself and I’m ready to just shoot myself. Okay, so, is he going to think I’m hitting on him (I’m not) or that I’m just stupid — because also in his talk he said he only gets about four hours of sleep per night, if he doesn’t just go running all night, and it’s about 9pm. ARGH.

The good thing is he probably meets so many people he forgets most of them.

I blathered when I sent to a signing by Laurell K. Hamilton as well. So sue me, I get tongue-tied and/or stupid around authors. I read more than I watch TV or movies.

Knittingwise I’ve worked on Mom’s Angora and knitted up a bunny for Caleb, the son of our friends Macon and Kristen. I knitted the bunny in lavender Cashmerino Aran and knitted it a small scarf of sage green Jaeger Shetland Aran (wool/alpaca). Handwash only but very cute. Pic to go in FO soon.