One of the nice things about making a big training goal is that, if you enjoy plotting, planning, researching etc then you’ll keep yourself happily busy for a bit of time.

I’ve always been really good at making initial plans, doing the necessary background research, organizing, etc. Worked when I was in the Army, works now as a vet when initially presented with a patient. Works when I tackle my knitting projects and other crafts.

What I suck at is maintenance.

I know, however, that having external goals, such as a race, that I further publically emphasize (fundraising, thank you Team in Training, for my first marathon (LA 2001); informing all my friends and family; and now, blogging), helps keep me on track.

My husband doesn’t quite understand this. He happily works out regularly at the gym, in fact getting very disagreeable when not allowed for whatever reason to work out, and loves to bike. (Unfortunately, he doesn’t run. He also doesn’t swim unless diving and really, considering PADI tries to say you don’t have to know how to swim to dive, does that swimming count? No.) Anyway, he doesn’t require any outside goal to motivate him.

He is also quite content to repeat the same or similar workouts. For example, his typical bike ride is from our house, down to the Strand (the running/biking path along the beach) along Gould, to the bridge between Playa and Marina del Rey, and back.

It’s a good ride, really.

But sometimes it’s fun to see something ….. different.

I like to explore and try new places.

What about you?