Paid too much money but got Stillwater — actually paid okay eBay prices, but still a lot…. And still on the search for In the Hebrides and maybe Scottish Garland.

Gotta say I love Starmore’s fabrics….but I hope to get good enough (or brave enough) to alter the shaping a little on some of the sweaters. (Making them shorter, no problem; changing a collar, no problem; but making some NOT look like shapeless albeit gorgeous sacks, that’s a whole different can of worms. Can or should that be done? yet more questions.) IMHO daughter Jade does a better job with shaping than the divine Alice.

And yep, the new books are now sitting on one of the shelves (devoted to my knitting library) of the NEWLY PAINTED (and yes, dry) bookcase/windowseat. We went with the Benjamin Moore EcoPaints (very low VOC) — Cotton Balls for most of it (same as our kitchen cabinets) and New Vista (a sligtly warm pale green) for the beadboard/back. Tri training suffered a bit while we were slaving away with the paint job. And the knitting progress suffered quite a bit more.

My mom-in-law, Dave’s mom Rosemary, is visiting for a week, so hopefully we’ll have some quiet time where we can sit and chat and knit (or in her case, paint; she’s a very talented artist).