We leave Sunday on vacation and of course Mom’s Angora isn’t done. The good news is I’m almost finished with the back and hope to have it done before we leave Sunday so I can just bring a bunch of yarn and start the front. Angora/wool knitting in Texas in the summer anyone???

We’ll be visiting my parents for a couple days in Kyle, Texas, right south of Austin, then flying to Cozumel for a dive trip, then back to Texas for a few more days, visiting family & friends. Dave is also excited because we’re going to be going to Schlitterbahn while in Texas.

We’ll be gone just over two weeks. Cecily is getting boarded at one of the hospitals I work at, Rigel is being boarded at a kennel and I know will bark nonstop the entire time, and Obi, Cali and Meggie will stay at home and be visited twice daily by a house sitter.

Thanks for everyone’s kind words about Tonka. It’s amazing how much love we invest in these little animals. Tonka was the favorite of anyone who met our cats. He was bright, inquisitive and sweet, sometimes so smart it was scary. He was a world traveler, moving with me from Arizona to Germany to Texas then finally California. He loved the bar handles of the doors in Germany, quickly learning how to open them; he practiced as best as he could on the round knobs here in the States. He would sleep at night in my arms.